My Students


This is the list of my most prominent students, those who have reached the highest level after working under my direction. This list is the product of over 30 years of passionate work.

Possessing professional credentials is extremely important. However, I do consider even more important the ability to show proven and consistent results.

I have had the privilege to work with juniors as well as college, and professional level players.

Mariano Zabaleta (ARG) – ITF World Junior Number 1; Orange Bowl Winner; Davis Cup Player; ATP highest ranking #21 (1999)


Andres De La Torre (ARG) – ATP highest ranking #200 (2000)


Luis Horna (PERU) – ITF Top 5 Junior (1998); Davis Cup Player; ATP highest ranking #39 (2006); French Open Doubles Champion 2008


Rodolfo Rake (USA) – ITF Top 5 Junior (1997); Orange Bowl finalist (1997); ATP highest ranking #300 (2000); College Player University of Miami (Florida)


Diego Acuna (PERU) – College Player Pepperdine (California); ATP highest ranking #700 (2003)


Carlos Tori (PERU) – ITF Top Junior; Davis Cup player; College Player University of Texas


Alessandro De Marzo (PERU) – College Player University of South Carolina Upstate; Head Coach University of South Carolina Upstate


Patrick Boza (PERU) – Davis Cup Player; College Player (USA)


Ariana Rojas (PERU) – WTA highest ranking #400

Gianfranca Devercelli  (PERU) – WTA highest ranking 300

Giovanna Devercelli (PERU) – College Player (USA)

Jose Devercelli (PERU) – College Player (USA)

Monica Rebolledo (PERU) – College Player (USA); #1 player South America COSAT (1992)

Marlene Chumbez (PERU) – WTA highest ranking #800; College Player (USA)

Alfredo Galvez (PERU) – College Player (USA)

Jean Carlo Cueto (PERU) – College Player (USA)

Renzo Maggi Dibos (PERU/USA) – Top Junior USTA (1998-2002); College Player for Loyola Marymount University (California)

Adrian Escarate (CHILE) – College Player (USA)

Oscar Pena (MEXICO) – National Doubles Champion 2011; Bowdoin University

Ana Pena (MEXICO) – Top Junior USTA (1998/2005); College Player (Stanford University)

Steven Sullivan (USA) –  National Doubles Champion 2011; Bowdoin University.

Mallory Cecil (USA) – Winner NCAA Singles 2009; College Player for Duke;

Virginia Berry (USA) – College Player (USA)

Cal Hilsman (USA) – Top Junior USTA (2005/7)

Alejandro Aramburu (PERU) – ATP Highest ranking #141 (1992); DavisCup Player

Julie Ditty (USA) – WTA #100 (2009)

Daniel Andre Spatz (PERU/USA) – Top Junior USTA

Alexis Ferraro (USA) – Babson University Tennis Team (2011)

Currently, I am teaching in Miami, developing a new generation of tennis players, that I am sure someday will be added to this list too!

Learning new things every day should be part of anyone’s goals, and it is precisely the path that I have chosen for my life. Even though I have had great results in the past with my method of teaching, I am always open and eager to incorporate the latest teaching techniques, to enrich even more the quality of my work.

3 thoughts on “My Students”

  1. Hola.

    Mi hijo Dylan, de doce años de edad, tiene interés en obtener información sobre instalaciones, profesorado, precios y horarios para dar clases de tenis competición, desde puerto Morelos a Playa aproximadamente.
    Ahora hace dos años que entrena en España, y queremos mudarnos a la Riviera este próximo año.


  2. Estoy interesado en que mi hijo reciba unas clases personalizadas en su academia. Cual seria el proceso para acceder a ellas. Gracias.

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